Watkins Glen Track Rehabilitation

Project Highlights:

  • Edge Drain installation and associated drainage improvements
  • 50,500 square yards of racing track cold-milled to an average depth of 3.5 inches
  • In limited sections (44,000 square yards) the track was cold-milled to an average depth of 7 inches
  • 10-inch concrete patches located in the race track curves were removed and disposed of off-site. Compacted subgrade in these areas and replaced with asphalt base course

What We Did

Watkins Glen International is a world-famous road racing course that hosts NASCAR and Indy Racing League sanctioned events. Last resurfaced in 1998, the track is 3.4 miles long over rolling terrain and consists of a front straightaway, back straight away, and 11 turns. Banking in the turns ranges from 6 to 10 degrees. The racing surface width varies from 36 to 48 feet wide in the turns and 36 feet wide in the straightaways. It was critical that the track's geometric characteristics — banking, hinge points, pavement width — be maintained to preserve the venue's historic identity.

Project Photos: