When you join Ajax, you become part of a team that believes in pulling together, looking out for each other, and being the best every day. What’s more, you’ll be working for a company that invests in its employees with advanced training, utilizes the latest technology, and offers career advancements.

See What Our Team Has to Say These testimonials are not associated with the photos.

Happy Workers
I feel good every day. I feel like I accomplish something. When I go home every night, it’s like, ‘Look what I did.’ Just even when I’m driving down the road, I like looking at it like, “I built that road.” I feel very proud of what I do. Michael Dunn, Asphalt Laborer
Happy Workers
When I do drive by a road that I have worked by, I make sure I stop and point it out to my family, that I was right here, I created this road. I am very proud to say I am an employee with Ajax. Vanita Pulford, Asphalt Equipment Operator
Happy Workers
It’s a welcoming company, we’re all good people here. A lot of the guys we have here have been doing it: 20, 30, 40 years. Just the experience you’re going to get from these guys is top notch. As long as you’re dedicated and you can show up for work every day, we’re going to teach you. You’re going to succeed. That is our goal. Matt Whitaker, Concrete Foreman
Veteran Friendly
We are a MVAA Gold Level Veteran-Friendly Employer and acknowledge our commitment to hiring and retaining Veterans.

That’s Right, We Build Race Tracks!

Phoenix International Raceway

After 20 years, Phoenix International Raceway needed repaving, but its owner also decided to rev up the track's potential for excitement. In addition to repaving, the front stretch was widened from 52 to 62 feet, pit road was reconfigured, and the turn radius of one dogleg tightened from 800 feet to 500 feet. To promote side-by-side racing and increase track speeds, the new design called for the construction of variable degree banking of from 4 to 11 degrees.

Building Roads and Families

As a family-owned business, we know what’s most important to our employees. Since our start in 1951, Ajax Paving has gone the extra mile for our employees and the folks who depend on them. Fostering a culture of teamwork. Never compromising on safety. Investing in new equipment and training. That’s why for many of our employees, working at Ajax never feels like “just a job.”

No. 1 in On-The-Job Safety

The safety of our employees, contractors, and visitors at our job sites and facilities is our highest priority. At every level, on every job, Ajax Paving strives to prevent accidents from happening. We’re proud to report that our safety record has earned us numerous awards and recognitions from the National Safety Council.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, status as a protected veteran or qualified individual with a disability or any other protected characteristic.