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We can produce cubic yards of concrete as required on-site every day for every project at every mix specification.

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From plant to paver, Ajax Paving conducts quality control testing at every stage of the mixing process to guarantee results.

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At Ajax, we never compromise when it comes to quality or safety. At every job site and plant, our employees are trained to follow all safety standards.

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Experience is the ultimate competitive advantage. Our specially trained personnel keep concrete plants and paving operations running smoothly.

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Ajax can cut the largest projects down to size. We offer the ability to erect multiple plants on-site to deliver high-quality pavement.

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From design to production to completion, we use industry-best practices to deliver outstanding results, today and years down the road.

Crushed Concrete

For crushed concrete needs, please call:

Great Lakes Aggregates (734) 783-7474

Custom Mixing

For quotes and information, please call:

Ajax Main Office (248) 244-3300

Materials Estimate

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For detailed estimate with pricing, please call: (248) 244-3300

The Right Mix

Mobilized and calibrated to each project's unique specifications, our eight central mix batch plants ensure that concrete production runs with optimal speed, efficiency, and quality. After careful location assessment, plants are erected on-site or adjacent to the project and are staffed by crews rigorously trained in dry mix plant operation. The result is a consistent, in-spec, high-quality concrete mix delivered continuously to meet the demands of every job and deadline.
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