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Industry Leader

This facility is AASHTO Accredited, specifically Quality Management and Asphalt Mixture Accredited, to ensure the highest possible results.

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At The Ready

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our asphalt terminal ensures a steady supply whenever the product is needed.

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Flawless Accuracy

A high-precision blending system onsite can produce specialty product formulated across a wide range of engineering specifications.

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High Capacity

The Ajax Asphalt Terminal can satisfy large-scale orders on demand and move product by rail, barge, pipeline, and truck.

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Certified Lab

Staffed by knowledgeable teams, our labs have been certified by Departments of Transportation in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Ontario.

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Large or Small

From driveways to runways, city streets to race tracks, the Ajax Paving Asphalt Terminal can tailor production to any size job.

Crushed Concrete

For crushed concrete needs, please call:

Great Lakes Aggregates (734) 783-7474

Custom Mixing

For quotes and information, please call:

Ajax Main Office (248) 244-3300

Materials Estimate

Online Materials Calculator

For detailed estimate with pricing, please call: (248) 244-3300

Formulated for Success

The Ajax Asphalt Terminal is one of Southeast Michigan's largest producers of liquid asphalt. Serving both our crews and independent paving contractors, we can blend product on-demand, formulated to exacting specifications, for even the most complex projects. One of the most advanced facilities in the region, the Asphalt Terminal is strategically located to transfer product via rail, barge, pipeline, or truck. Also, under its roof is a full-fledged laboratory staffed by a dedicated team of specialists to keep the operation at the forefront of the industry.
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