Waterford Race Track

Project Highlights:

  • Repaved Pit Row
  • Over a mile of edge drain was installed to improve drainage
  • Alignment banking was improved for modern racing

What We Did

The Waterford Hills Road Racing Track, also know as the Waterford Race Track, worked together with Ajax Paving for several years budgeting this project. The contract called for the removal and replacement of the 1.5 mile asphalt track. The road race course has 12 turns and numerous elevation changes, which Ajax Paving installed over a mile of edge drain for improved drainage.

Special pavers, rollers and transfer machines were used for this project. 5300 tons of asphalt were used, over 24,000 square yards of pavement were pulverized and regraded with specialized grading equipment, and 2,000 LFT of new concrete rumble strips were installed in the turns. Ajax Paving specifically designed the new 3.5 inch asphalt to meet the needs of this track, along with the help of redesigned lane widths and overall layout of the track for a better racing experience.