Phoenix International Raceway

Project Highlights:

  • Repaving of track and pit road
  • New track design elements for higher speeds
  • Project completed in one season (summer)

What We Did

After 20 years, Phoenix International Raceway needed repaving, but its leadership team also decided to rev up the track's potential for excitement. In addition to repaving, the front stretch was widened from 52 to 62 feet, pit road was reconfigured, and the turn radius of one dogleg tightened from 800 feet to 500 feet. To promote side-by-side racing and increase track speeds, the new design called for the construction of variable degree banking of from 4 to 11 degrees.

Overall, the project included the removal of 684,000 square feet of asphalt, followed by the installation of a new surface that included 70,000 cubic yards of imported ?ll and 24,000 tons of new asphalt. More impressive, Ajax completed the work during the summer, when Phoenix’s heat reached as high as 120 F.