Project Highlights:

  • Largest single-season construction contract in MDOT’s history
  • Total lane miles: 56
  • Days ahead of schedule: 21

What We Did

Only a company like Ajax could take on a challenge like this. Closing and constructing a 7-mile stretch of I-96 in both directions, an essential link traveled by 140,000 drivers every day. The project also required rebuilding 37 bridges, 22 ramps, and 60 business accesses as well as installing new drainage sewers, 15- to 25-foot retaining walls, and a light-emitting diode freeway lighting system.

Bidding was in an A+B Contracting Format that factored not only the cost but also the time required for completion. E-construction, a paperless management process, contributed to our efficiency. Automated GPS control for the concrete equipment and automated machining for grading operations also increased productivity.

The I-96 project became the largest single-season construction contract in MDOT’s history. In total, it spanned 56 total lane miles, requiring 700,000 square yards of paving and 800,000 tons of aggregate. Best yet, the freeway was reopened to traffic in only 167 days – three weeks ahead of schedule.



Project Photos: