Grosse Ile Municipal Airport: Runway 4-22 Reconstruction

Project Highlights:

  • P-401 mixture was designed for aircraft runways
  • 11,210 tons of P-401 installed
  • All project requirements met or exceeded

What We Did

This project reconstructed Runway 4-22 at Grosse Ile Municipal Airport. This included removal of the existing composite pavement on the 4,850-foot runway, drainage improvements, aggregate base installation, HMA P-401 installation, lighting/electrical upgrades, and restoration. The P-401 mixture was designed for aircraft with gross weights of less than 60,000 pounds or tire pressures less than 100 psi. A total of 11,210 tons of P-401 was installed (4 inches of P-401 in two 2-inch thick courses) on the 75-foot wide runway. The same mix design was used for both courses.

Stringent PWL parameters were a part of the specification that measured mat density, joint density air voids, stability, and flow. Continual focus and dedication to quality in all aspects of the project enabled the team to achieve exceptional results. Ajax delivered a product of the highest quality that met or exceeded all project requirements.