Ford Michigan Proving Ground

Project Highlights:

  • On-site crushing and removal of concrete and bituminous pavements
  • A track high-point of a 32 degree (62 percent) slope
  • Removal of 190,000 square yards of 8-inch think HMA pavement and 190,000 square yards of reinforced PPC pavement

What We Did

Reconstructing Ford Motor Company's high-speed, five-mile long parabolic track meant removal and on-site crushing of the 8-inch thick reinforced concrete pavement overlaid with 8-inches of bituminous pavement. Ajax utilized the recycled concrete as an aggregate base course for the track and the recycled bituminous pavement for the shoulder sections. Additional challenges included an outside point reach of 32 degrees, one-fourth of the track transitioning from straight to high-banked parabolic sections, and stringent specifications for ride quality and skid resistance.


Project Photos: