DTW Runway 4L/22R and Associated Taxiways

Project Highlights:

  • 450,000 square yards of 18.5-inch PCCP
  • 10,000 feet long, 150 wide runway
  • “Fast Track” design and construction

What We Did

Due to its importance to air traffic in southeastern Michigan, the reconstruction of Runway 4L/22R at Detroit Metro Airport was the greatest challenge facing the Wayne County Airport Authority in recent years. The project would require nearly 450,000 square yards of 18.5-inch PCCP, making it the largest U.S. airport concrete pavement project constructed of 2016.

Runway 4L/22R is 10,000 feet long and 150 feet wide. Its high use required the Airport Authority to "Fast Track" the design and construction. Typically, it is used for aircraft arrivals and can accommodate operations in low-visibility conditions, making it critical to the airport's operational efficiency and business continuity. The project also involved the reconstruction of the associated taxiway system, providing a safe connection for aircraft from the runway to the passenger terminals.

Project Photos: