Chrysler Technology Center Evaluation Track

Project Highlights:

  • National Quality in Construction Award for “Innovative Use of Asphalt Products” by the National Paving Association
  • Ride quality improvement: 90 percent
  • Custom-designed paver was required to meet the precise speci?cations of track curvature

What We Did

Increasing ride quality was the main goal when repairing the vehicle evaluation track at Chrysler Group World Headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The 1.8-mile track consisted of two straightaways connected by a steering and handling section and two high-slope parabolic return loops, with 31 degrees (60 percent) slopes.

The project required pavement repair of failed areas, cold milling, and installation of a course with variable depth and asphalt wearing material with unique frictional qualities. Specialized equipment on the project included a custom-designed paver using a computer-controlled, high-density parabolic screed, specially designed support equipment to hold paving equipment and asphalt material transfer devices in place for work in high-slope sections, and asphalt rollers equipped with drums shaped to mirror the parabolic curvature of the track.