Project Highlights:

  • Project completed ahead of schedule
  • More than 120,000 tons of asphalt manufactured and placed
  • 3.5 inches of asphalt placed over the 4-mile stretch

What We Did

A two-course overlay of existing concrete, this 4-mile long project spanned M-59 from I-75 to Crooks Road, a heavily traveled commuter route. During the first phase, we discovered the concrete was in worse shape than anticipated, increasing the concrete patching and asphalt repair work almost tenfold.

Before placing the leveling course of asphalt, a substantial asphalt wedge course — up to 8 inches deep — was placed to bring the cross slopes and super elevated sections up to Michigan Department of Transportation standards. A total of 3.5 inches of asphalt was placed over the entire freeway. More than 120,000 tons of asphalt were manufactured at the Crooks Road Plant for this project. 

The #1 Asphalt Construction Company in Michigan

Since 1951, Ajax has been a leader in asphalt paving for both the private and public sectors. Today we are the largest asphalt company in southeast Michigan and a specialized asphalt paving contractor across the United States. Additionally, we own and operate asphalt plants and an asphalt terminal to provide our clients and independent contractors with competitive pricing, reliability, and high production.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with unparalleled expertise, makes us one of the most sought after companies for the highly-specialized work required for both performance race tracks and automotive test tracks. No matter the job or specifications, Ajax Paving is ready to tackle the biggest and toughest asphalt jobs out there.

Producing Efficiency and Success

Ajax Materials Corporation operates six leading-edge, high-capacity drum mix plants in southeast Michigan. Since opening our first asphalt plant in 1951, Ajax has become one of the Detroit area’s largest asphalt producers, supplying both our paving crews and independent paving contractors.

We are our customer's preferred supplier because of our quality HMA mixtures and commitment to customer service. Our plants produce Hot Mix and Warm Mix asphalt, up to 700 tons per hour, with up to 2,400 tons of silo storage per plant. We produce commercial-grade, Superpave, Polymer Modified, Porous, and high-performance cold asphalt mixtures.

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