FCA Steering & Handling Course

Project Highlights:

  • Two brand new chicane roads were added to the main track
  • 1300’ long and 28’ wide
  • 5” full depth pavement crush and shape of the main track
  • 2019 NAPA Quality in Construction Award
  • 2019 APAM Special/Challenging Projects Award of Merit

What We Did

This project consisted of 5” full depth pavement crush and shape of the main track, grading and aggregate base installation in new runoff areas, grading and aggregate base installation in two new chicanes, and installation of 4” of HMA placed in 2 lifts.  This track is designed for vehicle testing, specifically steering and handling.

The existing track was approximately 8600’ in length and 28’ in width.  The existing track included two super-elevated turns at the North and South ends, two straightaways, and a series of hard turns.  This area was crushed and shaped.  Two brand new chicane roads were added to the main track, one running N/S and the other E/W.  Both chicanes were approximately 1300’ long and 28’ wide.  A portion of the N/S chicane experiences a cross slope of 14.86% and then abruptly changes to a reverse curve in approximately 75’.  Due to safety concerns, FCA requested that runoff areas be constructed in each of the major turn areas.  In total 10 runouts were constructed.

Project Photos:
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