Safety First. Safety Always.

The safety of employees, inspectors, motorists, and pedestrians in work zones and plants is paramount. Our goal is zero injuries at our job sites and facilities. To ensure safety is every employee's number one priority, we made it one of the three core principles that guide Ajax Paving — Quality, Safety, Productivity. 

Vigilance is key. Work zones are constantly reviewed for safety issues. Professional Traffic Control personnel set up, maintain and dismantle road closures following the Michigan Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices guidelines.

In-house traffic regulators also play a crucial role in maintaining the safety of workers and motorists at construction sites. 

Ajax Paving has a 15-member safety committee with representation from every level of the company — laborers, operators, foremen, and management. This group regularly reviews safe work practices, work zone safety, incidents, PPE, and safety policies to ensure a safe working environment.

“Ajax Paving Industries of Florida, LLC believes that safety is every employee’s responsibility. Through training and teamwork, it is imperative to make sure we have the safest job sites and facilities for the public, our subcontractors, and Ajax employees.”
Mandy Kustra, Ajax Safety Director

Asphalt Construction Company with Full Capabilities

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Award-Winning Safety

National Safety Council awards include the Occupational Excellence Achievement, Perfect Record, Milestone, and Million Work Hours Award.

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Safety Education

We conduct regular classes and remind everyone daily to: “Work safely today. Remember, someone expects you home tonight!”

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Employee Involvement

"If you see something, say something." isn't just Ajax's safety motto. With varying involvement programs, including mentor programs, safety committees, and more - Safety is a way of life at Ajax.

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Top Tier

Over the past decade, Ajax's EMR score has been below the national average of 1.0.

Industry Recognitions

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Florida Transportation Builders' Association

FTBA Safety Award 2019