Route 64

Project Highlights:

  • SR 64 from the Manatee/Hardee county line to West Main Street, approx 12 miles
  • 43,000 tons of asphalt

What We Did

The SR 64 Project had three sections calling for total reconstruction of the travel lanes totaling 12000’ lf x 24’. Plans called to mill off existing asphalt and base. Re-stabilize 12” add base group 12. Then pave 1.5 of SP 12.5 and FC 12.5 PG 76-22. Ajax did a VECP to reconstruct the 12000’ area with 4” of 19 mm asphalt 1.5” 12.5 and 1.5” of FC 12.5 asphalt. After presenting it to the VECP to the FDOT they were in agreement to move forward. That was the unique part of the project. We eliminated all the barrier wall temp striping and temporary signalization to perform the reconstruction and saved the state roughly $ 300,000.00. The overall work performed is deserving of a Quality in Construction Award. This project produced a smooth, quality asphalt pavement that benefited state taxpayers and served area motorists well. Due to the high quality work of the Contractor, it produced a 1.01 Composite Pay Factor.