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  • Golden Gate Blvd Design-Build - Phase 1

    What We Did

    The project is located in the Golden Gate Estates region of eastern Collier County, Florida. The Golden Gate Boulevard corridor serves as a major arterial to serve east-west traffic movements from residential owners to urban centers to the west. The project consists of approximately 2.1 miles of 4-lane reconstruction of Golden Gate Boulevard (GGB) from the beginning of the existing four-lane to 2-lane transition east of Wilson Boulevard to 16th Street NE with an end limit of 18th Street NE plus transition tapers to existing roadway. The project also includes widening the existing Golden Gate Main Canal Bridge from two to four lanes, a boat ramp with parking and turnaround area, and reconstructing eight intersections along the project length. Improvements to the corridor have been identified in the 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan with traffic projections of over 29,000 vehicles per day. Not only will the project serve to alleviate traffic congestion, it addressed additional needs of the local community and needed safety improvements. The local land use is primarily residential and the roadways are in need of multimodal features. This project incorporated bicycle lanes in both directions, 6-foot sidewalks on both sides of the road, and bus stop features (including shelters and bike racks) for school children at intersections along the route. All intersections provide exclusive right and left auxiliary lanes along with bulb-outs to allow safe U-turn movements.

    Project Highlights:

    • $19,400,000 Contract
    • 45,000 tons of HMA
    • Golden Gate Blvd Bridge Widening
    • Stormwater Ponds and Drainage
    • 2017 DBIA Transportation Merit Award Winner
  • US-41

    What We Did

    This Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District One Design-Build project transformed a two-lane rural roadway into a six-lane divided suburban highway. We designed and reconstructed 3.4 miles of US 41 (from SR 951 to Greenway Road). Due to the presence of near-surface limestone drainage, utility installations were designed to be shallow to limit excavation into rock layers and reduce the risk of penetration into the Upper Floridian Aquifer. A joint-use trench was established to address utility relocations for 14 AOs within the project limits.

    Project Highlights:

    • $37,887,000 FDOT project
    • 45,000 tons HMA
    • 2016 DBIA Transportation Merit Award Winner
    • Quality in Construction Award, National Asphalt Pavement Association
  • I-275 Design-Build Reconstruction

    What We Did

    The I-275 Design-Rebuild was a $215 million investment in Tampa's future. As a joint partner, Ajax Paving played a major role in widening and reconstructing 3.4 miles of this major artery through the heart of the city. The project used 100,000 tons of HMA and warm mix. Additionally, 145,000 square yards of plain cement was used, batched on-site with a single-drum Erie Strayer Mixer. Other project requirements included upgrading 21 bridges, laying 1.6 million cubic yards of excavation and embankment, installing 37,000 linear feet of storm drainpipe, and constructing four new storm-water ponds.

    The I-275 Design-Build Reconstruction was completed 16 days ahead of schedule. The project also won numerous industry awards, including the 2016 Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Best in Construction Urban Roadway, Road & Bridge Magazine’s Top 10 Project in the USA in 2016 and the DBIA Florida Region Transportation 2016 Project of the Year Award.

    Project Highlights:

    • $215 million FDOT project
    • 3.4 miles widening and reconstruction
    • 50,000 tons of HMA and warm mix asphalt
    • 145,000 square yards of concrete
    • 2016 FDOT Best in Construction Urban Roadway
    • Road & Bridge Magazine Top 10 Project in the USA in 2016
    • DBIA Florida Region Transportation 2016 Project of the Year Award
  • I-75 Design-Build Finance (iROX)

    What We Did

    Ajax Paving broke new ground with the first public-private partnership contract in Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) history. The I-75 Design-Build Finance (iROX) was a $455 million contractor- financed project that widened 30 miles of I-75, reconstructed the Immokalee Road Interchange, refurbished 24 bridge structures and installed 24 new storm-water ponds. In total, the project used 450,000 tons of HMA and warm mix asphalt.

    Completed 150 days ahead of schedule, iROX won FDOT’s 2010 Best in Construction Alternative Contract and NAPA’s Asphalt Awards. The project was also included on the 2010 Roads & Bridges Magazine’s Top 10 Projects in the USA.

    Project Highlights:

    • $455 million project to widen 30 miles of I-75
    • First contractor-financed project in FDOT history
    • 450,000 tons of HMA and warm mix asphalt
    • FDOT 2010 Best in Construction Alternative Contract Award
    • NAPA’s Asphalt Award
    • Roads & Bridges Top 10 Projects in the USA in 2010

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Ajax Paving has successfully completed over 70 design-build projects, totaling over $750 million in construction. Because of our innovative, specialized approach throughout these projects, Ajax Paving continually ranks at the top in design-build procurements.

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