SR 82 Continuous Flow Intersection

Project Highlights:

  • $55 Million FDOT Contract
  • Widened 2 to 6 lanes
  • 80,000 tons of asphalt

What We Did

  • $55 Million Dollar FDOT Contract
  • Reconstruct 5 Miles of one of the most dangerous roads in FL
  • Transform a 2 lane highway into 6  lanes
  • Create the first ever Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) in the state.
  • Utilized Full GPS for the roadway construction, including subgrade, base, asphalt, and over 100,000 LF of curb and gutter placed without stakes.
  • 80,000 Tons of asphalt 
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When it comes to asphalt, the only thing more durable than our roads is our reputation. With seven advanced hot mix asphalt plants, Ajax Paving can deliver the high volume required for the biggest projects and the tightest deadlines. We're also known for using only top quality materials and the latest equipment to deliver lasting results.

What's more, we back this exceptional manufacturing capability with unparalleled expertise and decades of experience. We also know firsthand the demands of Florida's environment and rapid economic growth, ensuring that the job is done right. Additionally, innovative methods and specialized equipment allow us to build the most rigorous types of paving construction, including airport runways and design-build projects.

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