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  • I-75 Charlotte County

    What We Did

    FTBA BIC AWARD WINNER -This I-75 Expansion Project involved the addition of a new12-foot travel lane and paved shoulder along the inside median in each direction of what was the last four-lane segment of I-75 in the State. Its completion was a major milestone for Florida as it increased I-75 to six lanes throughout the State from Alligator Alley to the Florida/Georgia State border; thereby improving the facility's capacity, evacuation capacity, safety, and overall efficiency for travelers. The existing interstate bridges over North Jones Loop Road and Riverside Drive and the Seminole Gulf Railroad (SGLR) was widened to accommodate the additional lanes; and, a new under deck drainage system was installed beneath the existing US 17 overpass bridge. The North Jones Loop Bridges involved steel I-girder superstructures founded upon steel HP14x89 piling, while the Riverside Drive/SGLR Bridges involved 36-inch Florida I-beams founded upon18-inch square pre-stressed concrete piling.

    The Project also included milling, resurfacing, and overbuilding the existing travel lanes and outside shoulders to correct the cross slopes; reconstruction of the access ramps, and median and shoulder improvements on North Jones Loop Road; as well as, painting of the new and existing bridge components.  The added  I-75  stormwater runoff was accommodated by the construction of 4 new linear dry retention treatment swales and excavation of a floodplain compensation area at the southeast quadrant of the US 17 Interchange. Other notable elements of the project included:  new  LED  high mast lighting at the Interchanges; adjustments to existing ITS components; replacement of the quartz piezoelectric weigh-in-motion (WIM) loop sensors on the North Jones Loop Road Ramps; replacement of34,000 linear feet of guardrail; and replacement of an existing Traffic Monitoring Site located just south of Airport Road.

    The project extended 4.25 miles along I-75 in Charlotte County bordered by the Peace River at its northern limit and an existing weight station just south of the North Jones Loop Road/County Road 768 interchange at its southern limit. Construction began on November 28, 2017, and final accepted on November 2, 2018.

    Project Highlights:

    • $29.4 million FDOT project
    • Widened I-75 from four to six lanes
    • Best in Construction, Florida Transportation Builders’ Association
  • Route 64

    What We Did

    The SR 64 Project had three sections calling for total reconstruction of the travel lanes totaling 12000’ lf x 24’. Plans called to mill off existing asphalt and base. Re-stabilize 12” add base group 12. Then pave 1.5 of SP 12.5 and FC 12.5 PG 76-22. Ajax did a VECP to reconstruct the 12000’ area with 4” of 19 mm asphalt 1.5” 12.5 and 1.5” of FC 12.5 asphalt. After presenting it to the VECP to the FDOT they were in agreement to move forward. That was the unique part of the project. We eliminated all the barrier wall temp striping and temporary signalization to perform the reconstruction and saved the state roughly $ 300,000.00. The overall work performed is deserving of a Quality in Construction Award. This project produced a smooth, quality asphalt pavement that benefited state taxpayers and served area motorists well. Due to the high quality work of the Contractor, it produced a 1.01 Composite Pay Factor.

    Project Highlights:

    • SR 64 from the Manatee/Hardee county line to West Main Street, approx 12 miles
    • 43,000 tons of asphalt
  • Tampa E Kennedy

    What We Did

    This job consisted of a mill and refill in Kennedy Blvd from N Ashley St to N Nebraska Ave. 2 inches of asphalt were milled and replaced by 2 inches of FC 12.5 TL-C friction course. This job used around 2,200 Tons of asphalt and no straightedge deficiencies were found.

    Project Highlights:

    • 2" of asphalt were milled & replaced by 2" of FC 12.5 TL-C friction course
    • 2,200 tons of asphalt
  • Route 56

    What We Did

    SR 56 from Meadow Pointe Blvd to US 301 in Wesley Chapel, FL. The project includes the section of SR 56 starting at the intersection with Meadow Point Blvd ending at the cross with US 301. 67,000 tons of mix were placed approximately. 3 inches of Structural course were placed, topped with 0.75 inches of FC-5 friction course. This job had a 1.02 pay factor on the asphalt mix due to its great results. It had a 4.1 Ride number.

    Project Highlights:

    • 67,000 tons of asphalt
  • SR 82 Continuous Flow Intersection

    What We Did

    • $55 Million Dollar FDOT Contract
    • Reconstruct 5 Miles of one of the most dangerous roads in FL
    • Transform a 2 lane highway into 6  lanes
    • Create the first ever Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) in the state.
    • Utilized Full GPS for the roadway construction, including subgrade, base, asphalt, and over 100,000 LF of curb and gutter placed without stakes.
    • 80,000 Tons of asphalt 

    Project Highlights:

    • $55 Million FDOT Contract
    • Widened 2 to 6 lanes
    • 80,000 tons of asphalt
  • SR 31

    What We Did

    Commissioned by the Florida Department of Transportation, our work on SR 31 included milling and resurfacing, widening, base work, and shoulder improvements from Lee County Line to CR 74. Other project requirements included drainage improvements, signage installation, and pavement markings.

    The SR 31 project won the Statewide Rural Resurfacing Award from the Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida and the Quality in Construction Award from the National Asphalt Pavement Association.

    Project Highlights:

    • Statewide Rural Resurfacing Award, Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida
    • Quality in Construction Award, National Asphalt Pavement Association
  • SR 699 Gulf Boulevard

    What We Did

    Traffic control was a major element of the SR 699 project on Treasure Island, a popular student winter vacation destination. Ajax Paving successfully managed the heavy traffic as it milled and resurfaced, with slope corrections, Gulf Boulevard from 105th to 125th Avenue. Requirements also included new curbs, sidewalks, and signals. In recognition of our high-level results, the National Asphalt Pavement Association gave the SR 699 project a Quality in Construction Award.

    Project Highlights:

    • 3800 tons Structural SP
    • 2500 tons Surface FC
    • 25 percent reclaimed asphalt pavement
    • Quality in Construction Award, National Asphalt Pavement Association

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Industry Recognitions

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I-75 Expansion Project 413042-4-62-01 Charlotte County/District 1

FTBA Safety Award

Improvements from Caloosahatchee River to the Charlotte County Line 436638-1-52-01 Lee County / District 1

I-75 from N. of SR 951 to N. of the Golden Gate Parkway

Northside Christian High School – Parking Lot Reconstruction
Pinellas County


Asphalt Paving in Florida - AJAX Paving - ACAF

Venice Municipal Airport in Sarasota County

758 from Bond Place to Cattleman Road in Sarasota County (Honorable Mention)

SR 29 from 0.115 Miles South of CR 832 to Sam’s Lane in Hendry County (Statewide Winner)

SR 93 (I 75) from S of Moccasin Wallow Road to the Hillsborough County Line in Manatee County (Statewide Winner)

#6 I-75 Jones Loop

#9 SR 82 Continuous Flow Intersection DBIA FL 2019


SR 758 from Siesta Drive to Place then from SR 45, Tamiami Trail To Dunn Dr. in Sarasota County

SR 31 from Lee County Line to CR 74
Charlotte County

ST. Petersburg/Clearwater Airport
Taxiway Rehabilitation Phase 1
Pinellas County

Punta Gorda Airport Taxiway “A” Extension
Charlotte County

Asphalt Paving in Florida - AJAX Paving - NAPA_Logo

Charlotte/Sarasota County Line to S. of Toledo Blade Road
Charlotte County - 413043-2- 5201
Sarasota County - 413044-2- 5201 & 413044-3- 5201

Bee Ridge Road from Siesta Drive to Siesta Place and SR 45 (US 41) to Dunn Drive

SR 31 Lee County Improvements

SR 93 (I-75) from South of Moccasin Wallow Road to Hillsborough County Line

SR 31 from Lee County Line to CR 74

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With seven asphalt plants across Florida’s Gulf Coast, Ajax Paving is the leader in asphalt construction. We have successfully paved everything from onsite improvements such as parking lots, to interstates for other Prime/General Contractors. Ajax Paving thanks our clients for trusting us to pave their projects.

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Ajax Paving thanks our clients for trusting us to pave their projects.

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