What is Asphalt Made of & Why Does the Quality Matter so Much?

Asphalt | Ajax Paving | FL & MI - iStock-1308442154One of the most sustainable and practical paving solutions out there is asphalt. Contractors and homeowners use it and it’s often also used for runways, race tracks, and with automotive proving grounds.

Quality Materials Improve The Longevity of Your Paving Projects

It consists of several layers which are made up of unbound and bituminous-bound material that acts as the base. It’s important to get a better understanding of its quality and makeup so you can decide if it’s the right paving solution for you. Here you can learn more about what asphalt is made of and why the quality matters so much.

What is Asphalt Made of?

Sealed asphalt is made from a mixture of binder, filler, and aggregates to form a reliable and durable paving solution. When it comes to aggregates, you can think of them as a mix of processed mineral materials like slags, gravel, crushed rock, sand, and recycled materials. A cohesive mixture is then formed with the binder (usually bitumen) which unites the aggregates together.

Why It’s Used Today

One reason that asphalt is widely used today is due to its durability, strength, and variety. The three primary types of asphalt mixes are hot, warm, and cold. Asphalt needs to be able to hold up against traffic and harsh weather conditions alike. It’s necessary that asphalt is created in a way where it is both resistant to distortion and stiff. Asphalt is able to resist cracking when it is mixed in such a way that it comes out strong and flexible. This combination prevents damage from contrasting pressures and motor vehicles.   

The Quality of Asphalt

The next question to address is why the quality of asphalt matters so much. The quality of it directly impacts how well it will hold up to weather elements and how it will do so over time. Contractors must keep up with the advancements and latest technology of maintaining high-quality asphalt for their business and customers. 

Having high-quality control measures in place will help enhance its efficiency, safety, and value. It all begins by having durable and angular aggregates to mix that will resist wear and tear. You not only want to use different-sized aggregates in the mixture but also test it using rigorous standards to confirm quality.

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