How Technology Has Changed the Way We Pave

Technology | Ajax Paving | FL & MI - iStock-607775824From computers to scientific discoveries, technology has evolved over the course of the years. When you think about the advancements that have happened in the world of technology, you may not think of asphalt paving. That being said, it’s one of the many sectors that have been positively impacted by the strides made by humankind. Here we’ll touch on all the technological advancements that asphalt companies such as Ajax have seen.

Advanced Systems

Advancements have brought asphalt paving into the 21st century. We’re now able to perform our tasks quicker and more effectively, providing each of our clients with an efficient and reliable service. Some examples of this technology include:

  • Thermal mapping - ideal for monitoring the overall temperature of a site to indicate hot spots and areas that may require additional work.

  • Infra-red cameras - used to strategically lay down asphalt while also gaining a higher level of visibility and understanding of installation.

  • Advanced binding - this helps to make the end product last longer and for work to be done that much quicker.

  • Recycling of reclaimed pavements and industrial waste - reduces waste while also making the entire project more cost-effective.

Material Planning

Missed directions and late deliveries can really impact those who are working onsite—delaying a project significantly. The rise of technology makes it easier than ever to monitor stock levels remotely—ticketing systems can be used to sign off on any deliveries made. 

Intelligent compaction also means that road materials can be compressed by using vibratory rollers. They can then be connected to an onboarded management system, which contains GPS and feedback control. This ensures a higher level of precision for every project that is completed, whether it is a car parking lot or a simple household driveway.

Worker Safety

When workers are paving parking lots, sidewalks, driveways and more, worker safety is paramount. In the construction industry, there are usually numerous pieces of equipment that all operate at once, taking up a large amount of space. It’s important to take into account live traffic and even small working areas. 

With the machines and monitoring systems that are available, it is now easier than ever to see when potential dangers are nearby. Additionally, supervisors can actively monitor the safety of workers to make sure that everyone is taking the correct precautions and following on-site regulations.

Why Ajax Does it Best

Ajax has years of experience when it comes to asphalt construction and witnessed first-hand the evolution of technological advancement. We always do whatever we can to continually invest in new technology to stay ahead of the curve. This helps us to provide a service that is better than most, ensuring your asphalt investment is going to last for years to come.