Asphalt Paving FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

Asphalt Paving | FL & MI | Ajax Paving - iStock-491776300Roads, parking lots, sidewalks, driveways—the list goes on. All of these surfaces we walk and drive on each day have one thing in common: asphalt. But not too many people know the benefits of asphalt or how to properly care for it. The professionals at Ajax Paving, have now made caring possible. We specialize in commercial and residential asphalt paving and have come across commonly asked questions along the way. Now’s your chance to discover the answers so you can have your surface paved with the reassurance that it’s being done the right way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Asphalt Paving

At Ajax Paving, we believe no two roads are the same. Which is why we treat every new project with care and precision. We understand that the knowledge around asphalt isn’t as well-known as it should be, but thankfully we have the answers. We’ve compiled a list of some of your burning questions about asphalt paving and answered them below. Take a closer look. 

Can I Pick the Color of My Asphalt?

Unfortunately not. Asphalt by nature is black and when the aggregates mix together with hot asphalt cement, the material becomes black. During the drying and coating process, the color can start to show and become a dark gray, but that’s about as far as “color selection” will go.

How Long Will My Driveway Take to Cure?

Depending on the specific asphalt used for your driveway, it can take up to 30 days to cure. The curing process depends on quite a few variables, including temperature and sunlight exposure. If you’re unsure when it’s safe to drive or walk on your driveway, the professionals at Ajax will be happy to explain all the guidelines to you.

Is There a Way to Protect My Asphalt From Deterioration?

Yes! There are many ways to stop your asphalt from deteriorating, but like other outdoor structures, nothing lasts forever. Time, wear-and-tear, maintenance, and weight play a large factor in how long your asphalt will last. To view a more detailed list of ways to protect your asphalt from cracking, distorting, or disintegrating, check out our deterioration blog post.

Should My Driveway or Parking Lot Be Sealcoated?

Absolutely! Sealcoating your driveway or parking lot will help protect it from the elements—sunlight, traffic, and extreme weather conditions. Typically, asphalt is sealcoated after it has cured and should be resealed every three to five years, depending on the wear and tear it sees.

Is it Possible To Over Sealcoat Asphalt?

When your asphalt has been sealcoated too many times, it can lose the tarry grip and cause vehicles to slide across it in an unsafe manner (the same type of effect bald tires can have). Once your asphalt surface starts to see signs of deterioration like this, you should contact the professionals at Ajax for a quote on having a new driveway or parking lot installed.

Is Asphalt or Concrete Better?

The answer to this question depends on the surface you’re wanting to have paved and the amount of weight the structure will see on a daily basis. Asphalt is a flexible material, meaning it can flex with the base, causing it to be less durable than concrete. Concrete on the other hand provides a long-lasting option and can last up to 50 years.

Regardless of the material you choose for your driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, or road, it will require yearly maintenance in order to withstand the elements and last the projected warranty time.

How Do Ajax Workers Stay Safe On the Job?

The safety of our workers is paramount, but so is the safety of pedestrians, motorists, and inspectors. Our work zones are constantly reviewed for safety issues. Professional traffic control personnel are alert and aware of our presence, and we maintain and dismantle road closures following state guidelines.

Additionally, each of our employees is required to meet with the safety committee to discuss work practices, work zone protocols, and policies to ensure the safest working environment for everyone. 

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Our professionals don’t just take their job seriously, they enjoy their job and take great pride in the work they do. No job is too big or too small for the paving experts at Ajax—call us today to get started on a quote and turn your asphalt dreams into a reality.