Ajax Paving: Surpassing the Competition Every Time

The Best Paving Company in FL & MI | Ajax - iStock-1443240135Roadways, pathways, and parking are essential for any business or home. These aspects of a property are used daily for vehicle transportation and parking. Therefore, they need to be able to hold up for years to come. Good entrances and parking make an excellent first impression; high-quality commercial paving is crucial to running an efficient business. 

Hiring an Experienced Paving Contractor Helps Ensure Your Project is Completed on Time

Not sure who to hire to improve existing asphalt, parking lot, or asphalt paving? At Ajax Paving, our expert team assists those needing top-quality paving services. In this blog, we’ll discuss why Ajax Paving has a leg up on the competition and why you should choose us for your next paving project. 

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Versatile Asphalt Services

When it comes to asphalt paving, there’s a lot more to consider than just parking lots and roadways. Asphalt is a versatile material that can be used for any size commercial project, from the smallest driveways to massive airport runways. 

You don’t have to feel limited in your options when working with Ajax; we have the knowledge and skill to complete any type of asphalt project you can imagine. Beyond paving asphalt, we also offer comprehensive design-build, airport paving, concrete construction, and general civic contracting

Personalized Solutions

Our experts have the ability to create and execute unique solutions for any type of circumstance. We understand that every paving project is different and that each client deserves personalized service, which is why creativity is so important to us.

We also believe in environmentally friendly paving practices, so we offer reuse and recycling techniques for old asphalt. Every project that we take on becomes our responsibility from start to finish.

Top-Quality Guaranteed

The foundations of our company have always stood upon one ideal: Find the best crew and give them the best tools to accomplish the job. This is the promise that you receive when you choose Ajax. We always utilize the highest quality asphalt products for long-lasting and durable results. Our customer service offers unparalleled excellence in the business. 

You’ll feel confident that you made the right choice with Ajax after you experience smooth, quiet, and long-lasting roadways. We always strive to deliver results on time, above-standard, and within-budget.

Experience to Do the Job Right

Founded in 1951, Ajax has always upheld its values to ensure top-notch customer service and a job well done. We place ourselves to the highest standard in the business, and we will not leave any site until we have completed the best work possible. For 70 years in business, we’ve provided top-notch work that speaks for itself. 

Some of our notable accomplishments include providing paving for the Michigan International Speedway, the Phoenix International Raceway, the Chrysler Group Chelsea and Chrysler Arizona proving grounds, General Motors, and the Ford Michigan Proving Ground. We value perseverance and high-quality results above all else, so such renowned brands trust Ajax to do their paving. 

For The Best Paving Services, Look No Further than Ajax

Our experience and history speak for themselves. We’ve diligently served Florida and Michigan, providing them with reliable paving services for over half a century.  We stand above the competition for asphalt paving because we only use the best materials, hire the best team and offer the finest customer service. We continuously expand our technology and skills to provide efficient and modernized service for any type of asphalt project.

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