5 Tips for Maintaining Your Asphalt Paving During the Winter

Make sure to take care of winter asphalt paving maintenance before the winter cold sets in or you will have potholes like the ones in this picture.

Original Article Published 2020

As the leaves begin to fall and the days begin to shorten, we know winter is just around the corner. The coldest season of the year can also be the season with the most natural damage to your parking lot, roads, airport strips, and highways. Asphalt is a strong material that helps to keep drivers safe while on it, but when not maintained properly, this strong material can crumble and cause detrimental damage. To keep it in the best condition, there are some things your business can do to maintain it in the winter months. Let’s take a look.

Take Care of Repairs Before the First Frost

It is infinitely easier to do any asphalt repairs before the first frost or snowfall, but we understand tasks on your to-do list can fall to the wayside as the year goes on. Late fall is the best time to take these necessary maintenance tasks. If you leave the repairs until later, you could end up paying more and the repairs could take longer. Once the cold and ice cause problems, such as a crack in the asphalt surface, could turn into a much larger crack or even a pothole. 

Seal Your Asphalt Paving

One of the most important steps you can take to increase the lifespan of your asphalt is sealing your paving. Asphalt sealant is the best possible way to prevent your driveway from deteriorating, as well as increase its appearance. Sealing during a dry season or at least during a dry week will give you the best results—outside elements such as rain and snow can have an effect on how the sealant dries and cures. Try to add another layer of sealing every other year to expand the life of your asphalt driveway.

Get Rid of Snow Quickly

Snow removal makes a big difference in asphalt maintenance. Though it may sound obvious, the more snow that piles up, the more dangerous the driving conditions become. To ensure your paved surface maintains its integrity, it’s important to have it plowed immediately after snowfall.

It is important to Pre-Screen Your Snow Plowing Contractor

Be sure to look into various snow plow companies in your area to remove the snow and ask detailed questions about how they perform their work. The more experienced company you hire, the more likely your asphalt surface will remain intact through the colder months.

Choose the Right De-Icing Material

Be mindful of the amount of salt and type of salt you’re applying to your driveway to deter ice buildup. Rock salt is many people and municipalities’ go-to solution for ice on a paved surface. However, rock salt is corrosive to asphalt and may begin to break it down more quickly than the cold and ice. Instead, opt for potassium chloride as a safer alternative.

Clear Any Debris

Just as you will remove snow and ice as they fall or form, make sure to remove any branches, leaves, and standing water from your asphalt surface. Clear debris as often as you can, but especially before winter hits. Once the cold sets in, trapped debris can cause your asphalt surface to be uneven and create unsafe driving conditions.

Repair Potholes Now

Potholes are the bane of drivers and vehicles alike. When asphalt cracks, if not maintained properly, the once small crack can turn into a big hole. Potholes, a major inconvenience on the road, have the ability to leave many cars stranded with a busted tire or worse. To be sure drivers are safe for the remainder of the year, repair a pothole by patching them up right away so pedestrians, drivers, and pilots won’t have any unexpected trouble.

Work with the Professional Asphalt Pavers for Great Results

At Ajax Paving, we understand the ins and outs of asphalt repair and maintenance. The winter months can do major damage to roads, sidewalks, driveways, and more, which is why we’re here to help you maintain your existing asphalt. Whether you have an abundance of potholes in your parking lot or require additional asphalt sealing services, Ajax Paving can get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Ajax Paving: The Professionals Who Do It Best

Take care of any roadway and asphalt maintenance now before the cold sets in for the season. Getting the right crew to maintain or repave your roadway, airport, or other municipal area will be a key differentiator between your paving being built to last or breaking within a few years. The experts at Ajax Paving have been in the industry since the 1950s. We have seen it all and done most of it. Give us a call today to chat through your project.