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No matter the size or specs of your project, you can depend on Ajax Materials to have the aggregate you need. We offer a complete array of road construction materials for paving, landscaping, and more.

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Recycling concrete is better for the world we live in and provides a range of advantages, such as reducing the need to landfill old material.

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We take the load off your shoulders with convenient, worry-free disposal of your old road construction material.


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The Building Blocks of Success

Ajax Materials, located adjacent to the North Venice Asphalt Plant, is your trusted source for road construction materials. We offer crushed concrete base, uncertified 57 and 89 limestone, fill, limestone screenings, topsoil, driveway mix, large washed shell, medium washed shell, premium washed shell, and asphalt sand. What's more, Ajax Materials recycles old concrete into usable aggregate. This not only provides a range of environmental benefits, but it also helps reduce construction costs. This site also accepts disposal of chunk concrete and asphalt.
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